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  Title of the Article   Language Category Date of Publishing
  Vedh 2035 : Online Science Exam   Marathi Review and Report January 2021
  The Voice of Mummy   Marathi Technology October 2020
  Science in Science Exhibitions : Editorial   Marathi Science Education January 2019
  Richard Feynman   Marathi Institues and Personalities July 2018
  Prosperity through Science and Technology   Marathi Review and Report April 2018
  For scientific attitude in community : Editorial   Marathi Science Education March 2018
  What is inside the pyramide?   Marathi Technology February 2018
  Fifty second conference in Kudal   Marathi Review and Report January 2018
  Modern Watermen   Marathi Environment July 2017
  Universities in Maharashtra : Editorial   Marathi Basic Sciences May 2017
  Unique states, unique transitions   Marathi Basic Sciences December 2016
  Colourful chating – 2   Marathi Basic Sciences October 2016
  Colourful chating - 1   Marathi Basic Sciences September 2016
  Blackest material   Marathi Basic Sciences May 2016
  National Budget for science and technology : Editorial   Marathi Basic Sciences April 2016
  Electricity generation using windows   Marathi Technology December 2015
  Energy from artificial leaf   Marathi Technology October 2015
  Drought situation here and in America : Editorial   Marathi Climate and Weather October 2015
  Cataract operation   Marathi Technology September 2015
  Giant tree…Baobab!   Marathi Environment June 2015
  Muscles from onion cells   Marathi Technology June 2015
  Technology to control cockroaches   Marathi Technology May 2015
  Inside the mobile phone   Marathi Technology May 2015
  Solar Revolution   Marathi Technology April 2015
  Do you fade up of writing?   Marathi Technology March 2015
  Oldest weapon   Marathi Basic Sciences February 2015
  Machine robot chittah   Marathi Technology January 2015
  Magic of Surface tension   Marathi Experiment and Activities January 2015
  Nobel for Blue LED   Marathi Basic Sciences December 2014
  Object and its reflection   Marathi Technology November 2014
  Hello Mars!   Marathi Technology October 2014
  Who will be affected by global warming?   Marathi Climate and Weather June 2014
  Charachertistic Lonar Lake   Marathi Environment April 2014
  For a fundamental particle…   Marathi Basic Sciences December 2013
  Gaining knowledge and scientific attitude : Editorial   Marathi Science Education November 2013
  Warning from Nature   Marathi Climate and Weather August 2013
  Call of Earth : Editorial   Marathi Environment April 2013
  Energy planning for the future   Marathi Climate and Weather March 2013
  Glowing lamps of science in the society : Editorial   Marathi Science Education November 2012
  Report : The book which I liked   Marathi Review and Report October 2012
  Ashoke Sen : First recipient of Yuri Milner award   Marathi Institues and Personalities September 2012
  Truth behind the forest fires   Marathi Environment Jun 2012
  Need for scientific temper in using technology : Editorial   Marathi Technology May 2012
  True dimensions to climate change   Marathi Climate and Weather January 2012
  Need of Mathematics education : Editorial   Marathi Science Education January 2012
  100 years of Electron Discovery   Marathi Basic Sciences September 1997
  Superconductivity and its applications   Marathi Technology September 1997
  Desert and its biodiversity   Marathi Environment August 1997
  Ambassador in the space : INSAT   Marathi Technology July 1997
  Recycling the waste   Marathi Environment March 1997
  First National Science Writers’ Conference in Mumbai   Marathi Review and Report February 1997
  Explosive R.D.X.   Marathi Basic Sciences June 1993